We are an Uruguayan company founded in 1993 with a commitment to provide our public and private clients with the best solutions to their problems in different areas, Electricity, Electronics, Pneumatics and Hydraulics Industrial Control and Monitoring, Corrientes Weak, Automation.

The excellence of our services is based on a continuous search for fast and reliable solutions that fit best to the needs of our customers.

This policy is constantly focused on training our team Technicians led by Carlos Flebbe Electronic Engineer, who are trained inside and outside the country.

After 20 years in space, thanks to the confidence of our customers and the efforts of our people, we can say that Flebbe SRL is within the highly competitive market, having achieved our aims to serve more and better every day.


Achieve total customer satisfaction with the active participation of suppliers. And the training and development of our staff and ensuring improved service levels.


Being a business suit at national and regional level, with a constant growth based on the quality of our services, satisfaction and preference our customers, reaffirming our leadership in the sector.


  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Reliability
  • Commitment
  • Service
  • Quality
  • Loyalty
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation

Quality Policy

In Flebbe SRL We are committed to the total satisfaction of our customers.

We constantly improve our processes through innovations technology and through leadership and development of our human resources, compliance with laws and offering quality service consistent and efficient.

We rely on the quality management system and promote improvement continuous.

Security Policy

We are committed to ensuring that all daily activities performed, are conducted within a framework of prevention, which is supported on one sistemade safety, hygiene, health and environmental protection.

We ensure:

  • The health and physical integrity of our staff as well as all those who have a working relationship with us.

  • Our facilities and process equipment.

  • The materials used to provide our services.

  • The installations for each of our clients. Flebbe SRL is the responsibility of ensuring that staff involved in the implementation of this policy, and all employees, run their consistent activities as provided herein. To implement this system, we have the presence of technical preventers trained in the area of ​​workplace safety.


We have representations of international companies, we offer important and modern solutions to various problems that can arise within industries.


We represent WIDITEC, a company dedicated to providing Solutions Grain Storage and Drying.

  • Thermometry and Aeration
  • Automation Dryers
  • Stock Control Grain
  • Levels Control


We represent DALMASCHIO, a company responsible for Design, Manufacturing and Marketing of Robots


In seeking to improve the quality of our services, we focus on the ongoing training of our staff in the various sectors.

Given the constant changes in activities, each person should be prepared to fill the functions required by the company.

Specifically, we seek to improve the employee in the workplace, in depending on the needs of the company, in a structured process with goals well defined.


FLEBBE SRL is a registered company and accredited with UTE, category A, (meaning that category that can run unlimited installations power or voltage) to perform work in medium and low voltage.

It also has specialized personnel, qualified and registered with UTE for Firms act as Installers in different works executed.


We have the means and methods necessary for the management and planning activities of purchasing, production, transportation, storage, handling and distribution, in order to achieve organization of the company in such a way that allows us to meet the requirements of our customers in the right quantity, at the right place and at the appropriate time.


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